Django Views

Each Django view is responsible for doing one of two things: returning an HttpResponse object containing the content for the requested page, or raising an exception such as Http404. The rest is up to you. Your view can read records from a database, or not. It can use...

Django Tutorial – models, database, admin

Code / Syntax stuff from the tutorial that I’m definitely going to forget, so putting it here for easy reference: Question.objects.all() Question.objects.filter(id=1) Question.objects.filter(question_text__startswith=’What’) q =...

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I am a software developer with over 20 years experience. I have team lead/management experience and have worked both on-site and freelance/remote (both as a permanent staff member and as a contractor) at various stages of my career. I have worked internationally in London, Dublin and Cape Town. I'm currently based in Cape Town.

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